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Rheologic Limited

Rheologic Limited, a team of scientists and engineers with many years' experience at the leading edge of coating science and technology, have developed a set of software packages for overcoming coating and web management problems.

TopCoat helps solve coating and drying problems quickly and effectively. It is a unique, cost-effective, user-friendly, menu-driven Windows®-based expert system and diagnostic tool containing the very latest information concerning everything there is to know about mastering coating and drying processes.
To remove the guesswork behind coating and drying systems control, or for an effective way of training staff in troubleshooting techniques, take a closer look at TopCoat - the practical coating guide.

TopWeb is a practical tool to aid design and troubleshooting in handling webs such as film, paper and foil. It accurately simulates key web handling processes and lets the operator explore causes and cures of classic web handling problems such as; wrinkling, baggy edges, scratching, bad winding and guidance.
TopWeb can be used by non-experts who can change process parameters and gain instant visual feedback of what happens to the web. For the expert, there is full explanation of the formulae behind each calculation.

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