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Dilwyn Jones is an independant consultant in Materials Science and Engineering, working through his company Emral Limited. He established the business in 1999 after 20 years' experience in plastics and films with ICI and then DuPont. He is based in North-East England but his assignments can be worldwide.

He uses an original approach based on theory and practice to solve problems in production, technical applications and research. He can work across a broad spectrum, from machinery details to technical strategy and from quality issues to new product opportunities. The assignment can be carried out as a team-member, leader, or independant consultant.

His areas of technical expertise in film processing and converting include Web Handling of film, foil, paper and non-wovens; winding, electrostatic charging and elimination; general problem solving and root cause analysis; material properties and applications; deformation; stress and heat-transfer behaviour and modelling; statistical data analysis, general physics and mathematics. Assignments typically include problem-solving diagnosis, analysis and recommendations, follow through of actions to sustain improvements, research scientific literature, investigating technical options, producing simple computer models and technical training.

Email Dilywn Jones directly at coatq@emral.co.uk

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