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Longfield Associates

As a major supplier of coating bars, Longfield has taken the initiative to provide customers and potential users alike with easy access to a group of independent coating specialists. These are people with considerable expertise in solving some of the most elusive problems. The service each offers is tailored to the specific need.

Rheologic Limited produce two complementary software packages for overcoming coating and web management problems.
TopCoat is a unique diagnostic tool used for coating and drying processes, while TopWeb is a design and troubleshooting tool for handling many substrates, including film, paper and foil.

Emral Limited offers a comprehensive consultancy service which specialises in web management issues and utilises Rheologic's TopWeb for particular applications.

Due to the retirement of one of our associates, Longfield are currently searching for someone to provide independent expertise in the coating formulations area of the industry. If you would like to offer your services or are able to nominate a suitable person or organisation, please email Andrew Neatby-Smith or telephone Longfield on +44 (0)20 8579 0399.

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